Bates on your side

Background and accomplishments

Fannie Bates, a local teacher and activist, has entered the race to become the County Commissioner for Oklahoma County District I.

Biographical highlights:

  • Bates received her B.S. from OU in 1971 and her M.P.H. from OUHSC in 2001.
  • She was one of the complainants who successfully attacked TABOR in the Oklahoma Supreme Court.
  • Bates was one of eleven citizens who successfully attacked the English Only Initiative Petition in 2001.
  • In the mid-90’s, Bates unsuccessfully attempted to prevent the state legislature from selling University and Children’s Hospitals to Columbia HCA, a company then owned by the family of Bill Frist.
  • Bates is a fourth generation Oklahoman. Her Irish/Cherokee grandmother walked to Oklahoma from Alabama in 1896.
  • Bates has one son, Jonathan Bates, who is on the President’s Honor Roll at OCCC. He is also the youth pastor at Apostolic Faith Church in Northwest Oklahoma City.
  • Ms. Bates has done a great deal of volunteer work including tutoring, mentoring, and assisting students in college preparation.
  • Ms. Bates is an amateur playwright and director. Her most recent play, “Indian by Blood”, tells the story of the struggle of a Black Indian cowboy to be accepted fully by his tribe. The play has been performed in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Edmond.

Some of the published articles describing Ms. Bates’ accomplishments:


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